My name is Frank Rotscheid, and I founded Poeldogsk9 ten years ago. However, my journey of training dogs began long before that. It all started with my first dog, a Bouvier, with whom I achieved the IGP 3 certification in 1990. That sparked my lifelong passion for dog training and drove me to delve deeper into the craft.

After several years of training for sport, I eventually switched to preparing police dogs. Over the years, I have personally trained multiple dogs to certification across three key KNPV disciplines: police dog levels 1 and 2, object guarding, and search and rescue.

I had the privilege of participating in the KNPV national championship twice and became the Zuid Hollands regional champion three times in various disciplines.

In addition to training dogs, I also provide private lessons and conduct training seminars abroad. Over the past seven years, I've led workshops in the USA with a team boasting tremendous knowledge and experience. More recently, my work has concentrated on training and selling police dogs, where quality is my top priority.

My support for customers doesn't end at the point of sale either; I make myself available for advice whenever needed and offer new owners the option to book training days when purchasing a dog from me. I am passionate about honing my dog trainer skills and helping customers succeed with their dogs.

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